The conditioned bond between GDPR compliance and volunteers

The data security responsibility

Do you think you have dismantled well enough the process of keeping safe your volunteer database and volunteer administration? You might consider this not so crucial or primary, because, hey, you have a volunteer organization and everything is based on free will, you working as the relaxed volunteer coordinator and volunteers having fun. No worries, you’re not the only one that has overlooked some important parts of volunteer management.

However, it is the principal to know that recruiting and managing volunteers is a much more serious procedure than you believe. Even when it seems like everything is in the right order, always check twice. Especially when you’re working with volunteer personal data.

GDPR: Its importance and how to apply it the correct way?

GDPR is an abbreviation from the General Data Protection Regulation, a law that makes sure each and every person’s personal data in the EU is protected and safe. This regulation does not just protect personal and sensitive data within the borders of the European Union, but also outside of the EU and the EEA (European Economic Area) zone.

How is your organization affected by the GDPR law? If we say “in many ways”, you still might decide to ignore it, so let’s explain this in brief details i.e. let’s explain the bond between GDPR compliance and managing volunteers.

  • GDPR is applicable to three types of personal data (volunteer) administration: digital, verbal and on paper;
  • GDPR includes both basic and highly sensitive personal data (from address and a contact number to race, sexual orientation, and political views);
  • GDPR includes not just documents, but also people who collect and organize personal data (in your case, your volunteers’ data)
  • GDPR compliance is and should be mutually applied.

You can never be sure where your volunteers come from, which means that their personal data will vary. In order to make your volunteer database and volunteer administration safe, you should follow and respect the rules of GDPR. But, it’s not just that. In order to avoid serious issues like breaking the law or leaving your volunteers to feel unprotected, you should also train them on how to share and keep their personal data safe.

Be fair; don’t let your curiosity kill your organization’s reputation. In other words, don’t ask for your volunteers’ personal data that would be of no use to you.

In order to keep the process of recruiting and managing volunteers simple and in accordance with the law, you should consider using a secure tool for volunteer management. A volunteer management web application will definitely do the job for you. Using something like this will:

  • Enable you to collect data in one place
  • Make your volunteers sure their personal data is safe
  • Limit/block access to personal data to outsiders
  • Save you time
  • Enable you to make sure you’re practicing GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is rule number one for secure and respectful volunteer management.

So, how will you train and organize your volunteers to use a volunteer management web application in the name of safer personal data?

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