Here you can catch up on the new features in development for AidSpace Volunteers.

Tasks module

Send messages by email

Time registration module

Skills list management

Holidays calendar

Dashboard update feeds – file attachments, notifications and custom permissions

Rewards module with feedback, badges, etc.

Turn on/off entire modules

Course administration module

Collaborative editing

Volunteers sign up and registration

Public API

Custom fields support

Forms for procedures and registrations

File attachments

Certifications management

Automatic shift booking and shift bidding

Daily summaries by email

Notification preferences for volunteers

Reminders for information update

Activity dashboard

More advanced search options

Possibility for participation in more than one organisation

Import volunteers data from a file

Machine learning for matching shifts and suggesting shifts to volunteers

Chatbot – quickly get info or create new records or find shifts, etc.

Slack bot

Volunteer exchange between organisations

Push notifications via browser

Mobile access with app (native)

Switch shifts in the schedule

Template and recurring shifts

Name search in Messages module

Projects module

Availability to check presence on an event

Shifts – multiple volunteers working on one shift

Availability for the volunteer to participate in more than one project

Events & Schedule connectivity