The purpose of our roadmap is to update you on our journey to improvement. It emphasizes what we planned for AidSpace. Priorities on features may change on the go, so stay tuned for the latest updates by subscribing for our newsletter or following our Roadmap page. 

At AidSpace we are committed to growth based on our experience and your feedback. Drop us an email if you have your own idea or you need to provide valuable feedback. 

Upcoming innovations

Region/Group/Activity management

A new hierarchy structure.

User roles

Support new roles in the hierachy levels.

User relationships

Ability to attach users to a region, group or activity.

Bulk edit on users

Edit or take actions on multiple selected list of users.

Access settings

Define access on each user type.

Additional reports

More advanced reports.

Mailchimp integration

Segment users in audiences and stream the right content to the right people.

Google Maps integration

Showing active groups and activities.

Completed improvements

Q1 - 2019

Tasks module

Q1 - 2019

Events sign up

Q1 - 2019

Files & Links

Q1 - 2019


Q1 - 2019


Q3 - 2018


Q3 - 2018

User profiles

Q3 - 2018


Q3 - 2018


Q3 - 2018

Schedule module

Q3 - 2018

Events module