How a volunteer management consultant can engage and bring in new volunteers?

It’s all about the volunteers

Managing volunteers can be stressful, even if you consider yourself a volunteer coordinator that doesn’t find multi-tasking a boring and heavy obligation.

People management brings numerous tasks on your table and in most of the cases, recruiting and managing volunteers is a never-ending story. There’s always something to do. There are always new tasks and unexpected things often pop up in the volunteer organization, especially things that are related to keeping the volunteers interested and engaged in your organization’s activities.

You see, no matter how well you know your people management job, you should always leave the door open in case there’s someone who knows how to manage and engage volunteers in a different way. That different way can boost the number of your volunteers, meaning — the quality and stability of your volunteer organization!

The simple powers of management consultants

Do you still doubt the necessity to collaborate with a volunteer management consultant? Here are a few qualities that will change the way you look at this.

1. Long-term experience with people

Volunteer management consultants are people who have spent many years in the volunteering sector. Many of them have first served as volunteers, which means that they know the volunteers’ character, needs, weaknesses and strengths better than you do. This might sound harsh and critique-oriented, but a volunteer management consultant has the true power and skill to pierce through a volunteer’s mind, which means they own a technique for bringing in new volunteers and keeping the old ones.

2. They’re flexible and love changes

How many times have you felt that you’re stuck in a web of old people management habits? Having a volunteer management consultant in your volunteer organization would mean having someone that would listen to your doubts, give you constructive criticism and offer fresh, innovative and useful solutions. In other words, this is the person that can save the drowning boat when volunteers decide to leave.

3. They can teach you how to manage and recruit volunteers

Recruiting new volunteers is as important as managing volunteers. Sometimes, it’s even the single most important thing, especially when some of your volunteers begin to avoid engaging in activities and events. This could seriously affect the organization and your focus. A volunteer management consultant can teach you a lot about engaging new people in your organization’s work. Remember; you’re a volunteer coordinator, not a volunteer management specialist. So, don’t be afraid or too sniffy when it comes to asking for help.

4. They work with volunteer management tools

Any volunteer management consultant would make software for volunteer management priority. They know that the easier the volunteer administration is, the more motivated, organized and focused the volunteers will be. Recruiting and managing volunteers can be done successfully only if well and responsibly organized.

Having a volunteer management consultant will: show you your mistakes and slips in people management; make you a better volunteer coordinator and improve the process of recruiting and managing volunteers.

Are you ready to bring a change in your volunteer management system?

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