AidSpace is fully GDPR compliant.

In here we have enlisted all the users’ rights and how we ensure they are upheld properly.

Right to be informed

Right of access

  • Any user can make a request to their organisation for receiving all the data stored on them in AidSpace Volunteers
  • We have provided the necessary features for organisations to export all the data on volunteers (or the whole organisation’s account) in a machine-readable format

Right of rectification

  • AidSpace Volunteers provides the necessary interface for users to rectify all their data by themselves (in some cases some users should request data rectification from their organisation)

Right to erasure

  • AidSpace Volunteers provides a delete feature which erases all personal data on users and users can request from their organisation in case they want their personal data to be erased

Right to data portability

  • The organisation’s whole account data or individual users’ data can be exported in a machine-readable format