Why is AidSpace great for your IT department

AidSpace volunteer management platform is not only intended for the managers in the organisation


Fully GDPR compliant data storage, features and integrations with 3rd party systems.


All data securely stored on Amazon EC2 servers located in Frankfurt (EU).

Constant uptime monitoring.

Flexible scaling of resources.

Self-hosted database option

We provide the possibility to store all your organisation’s data in your own database.


Constant monitoring of the system’s performance.

Application code optimized for faster loading.

Application supported by powerful hardware that can easily be scaled with the increase of users and data.


Daily backups of the database – 28 days retention

Weekly full server backups


User credentials encrypted with Bcrypt of 10 rounds.


Provide prompt, experienced technical support directly to IT departments from our lead development manager and team software developers.

Support via chat, email, phone and web meetings to administrative users


We use cutting-edge technologies

All development work is done in-house.

Development procedures prioritize bugs and security fixes before new features.

When it comes to suppliers – we only pick the most qualified.