Can corporate volunteering enhance your business?

The long-awaited puzzle click

Have you ever spent a whole month or more to brainstorm ideas on how to improve your business? You’ve built it several or more years ago, you’ve accomplished and achieved the (not so) planned goals and aims and for some time already, you’ve been thinking that your business needs a change.

Many of its components can attribute to the process of development, but not every single one would make the “puzzle click” sound.

A difference in the process of people management could bring your business to a completely new level. We’re not talking about how you manage the people that work for you, but rather towards what you lead your employees. Maybe you’ve forgotten that often, being creative is much more important than being “the boss”. Actually, acting bossy would only create a negative atmosphere in the company!

One of the enhancing differences that you could make in your people management system is to make corporate volunteering part of your business. This can enhance your business on multiple levels, especially those related to the employees’ performance. The better and the more satisfied your employees are, the more successful and unique your business will be.

Here are two crucial ways of how corporate volunteering can enhance your business:

The common cause as the unifying meeting point

Incorporating an employee-volunteering system with a common cause in your business will bring your employees closer to each other, to you and to the company.

People management on a daily business level and people management on, well let’s say a monthly volunteering level, should be treated as two different components of your business. The second one is what creates unifying energy and atmosphere among the employees and you.

Employees, when treated and when working as volunteers, will feel motivated and committed to a common cause. Once they built a habit out of this, the same commitment could easily spread out to the business.

The psychology of corporate volunteering is such that employees will not only feel that they contribute to your company, but also to a greater cause. They’ll know that through proficiently done tasks at work, they also contribute to the community and/or society.

New skills and refreshing ideas

Once part of the corporate volunteering, you will notice how the people management process will change. The dull and repeating administration tasks, all database work and stressful schedule planning will transform into constructive volunteer administration, rich volunteer database, and motivating volunteer scheduling.

When involving your employees in corporate volunteering, you also involve them in a completely new volunteer management system. The same enables them to learn and obtain new skills, to freely and refreshingly brainstorm, suggest and accomplish new ideas and goals and to incorporate all these in the business. Anything new that your employees learn while volunteering will be beneficial for their further performance at work.


Incorporating (new types of) volunteering in your business’ people management system will:

  • Create a unifying knot in the company’s core
  • Bring new employee skills and improved expertise

Would you use software for volunteer management when recruiting and managing volunteers for the first corporate volunteering event in your company?

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