About AidSpace

AidSpace is created with a simple and clear idea to help organisations effectively communicate, connect, manage, recruit and keep volunteers. Our principal target is to empower and bring teams and processes together using one solution. The goal is set that you have the support you need in every step of your work with an easy to use web app.


We wanted to take a leap and stay open for what matters – create a simple, compact and flexible web app that would serve to any non-profit organisation.


AidSace is comparably new, but we the creators are well-experienced. We are a nonprofit organisation and the team consists of developers and project managers who are also involved in Rainbow Riders. A digital agency specialised in websites, web shops, apps (iPhone and Android), web applications, user experience, advice and project management. And yes! It means we know what works.

Security is the source of trust and we have built a powerful feature-rich platform that is the foundation of successful volunteer management. We are committed to keep data stored safely and private.

Be part of sustainable development along with us

Goal #8: Decent Work And Economic Growth

Companies that uphold labor standards across their own operations and value chains achieve positive reputation and legal stability.

Embracing diversity and inclusion will also lead to greater access to skilled and productive talent.

Goal #9: Industry, Innovation, And Infrastructure

Technological progress is a key to finding lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges, such as providing new jobs and promoting energy efficiency.
Bridging the digital divide is crucial to ensure equal access to information and knowledge, as well as foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

Goal #17: Partnerships

Make multi-collaborator partnerships to mobilize and share knowledge, expertise, technologies and financial resources to support the goals in all countries, particularly developing countries.

It further seeks to encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society alliances built on the experience and resourcing strategies of partnerships.