Providing the digital tools to help organisations around the world in their daily activities.

What is AidSpace?

AidSpace is the organisation behind the digital platform, that assists organisations all over the world to manage data and improve digital processes.
Since we can extend our digital tools according to any organisation’s requirements there really is no limit to the features of AidSpace.

How it will help you

We will ease and make faster the work you have been doing now with better set of tools. Your organisation will gain access to other multiple gadgets some of you have never considered before.

What you will get

HR management and people management are some of the main features in AidSpace. We also give you additional features such as time tracking, scheduling, communication and online learning resources.
“Simplicity” is the keyword in AidSpace. We give organisations much more time to pursue their mission with set of tool accessible and usable by all levels of work. From anywhere, at any time.

What makes AidSpace unique?

Fast adoption – extremely easy to implement in any type of organisation

Modular approach – organisations can use just the needed tools

Simple to use – user friendly without getting technical

AidSpace is non-profit

AidSpace is a non-profit digital solutions organisation that delivers high quality reasonable cost online tools to other organisations – municipalities, trusts or charitable foundations who involve volunteers.

The organisation is driven by the dedication to the cause of developing the best and most comfortable online tools for others focused on social causes, events and projects that impact and promote sustainable development worldwide.

The application is created to implement easily in cooperatives, advocacy, charity, environmental, healthcare and religious groups who work mainly with volunteers and rely on their commitment and belief in the cause.

AidSpace’s mission is the perfect liaison between the organisation and its volunteers at every step and level. Your results and productiveness in your chosen field of activity is AidSpace team’s motivation

This project aims at analysis and provision of only the necessary digital tools. The cost paid for the solutions is covering the support and the time that the team invests in improvement, research and production of a user-friendly application.

Our goal

We believe that support by better digital suite is essential in times of crisis, catastrophes or the regular process of assistance.
We want for AidSpace to be the online go-to engine for all organisations by providing stronger managerial capabilities

and by improving their process flow as well as reducing the occurrence of human error.
Security is one of our top concerns. All data is stored in a secure database, all sensitive data flows are encrypted and all this happening with professional hosting providers such as Amazon AWS. In total compliance with GDPR.

Our digital tools

AidSpace Volunteers

Fast adoption – extremely easy to implement in any type of organisation

AidSpace People

Modular approach – organisations can use just the needed tools

AidSpace Maps

Simple to use – user friendly without getting technical

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